Scrum Wall vs. Issue Tracker

Last year, Mascha Kurpicz and I conducted interviews and ran a survey to better understand the dynamics of Scrum teams and their use of tools to support agile development. We wrote a paper. Sadly, it was rejected at XP 2012, mostly due to a lack of data to support our claims. Here is the abstract: Scrum is a lightweight iterative process that favors interac- tion between … Continue reading Scrum Wall vs. Issue Tracker

Thoughts About Agile

Since now more than a decade, lightweight methodologies and processes have flourished under the umbrella of the Agile movement. Despite the claimed success of Agile from daily practitioners, I haven’t seen many researches showing evidence that the Agile concepts really worked as expected; by this, I mean that Agile could still lead to reproducible success, but for other reasons that the one pushed by the … Continue reading Thoughts About Agile

Keep your desktop clean: a checklist

I found a post-it on my desk this morning that was actually there since several months (if not year). It’s a short checklist with questions to answer before deciding whether I will trash or retain a document. I tend to retain too many documents (electronic and paper)  that consumes space and are useless — I will anyway never read them. This short post-it helps me … Continue reading Keep your desktop clean: a checklist