Masterminds of Programming

Masterminds of Programming features exclusive interviews with the creators of popular programming languages. Over 400+ pages, the book collects the views of these inventors over varying topics such as language design, backward compatibility, software complexity, developer productivity, or innovation. Interestingly, there isn't so much about language design in the book. The creation of a language … Continue reading Masterminds of Programming

Your Language is a Start-up

Watching the TIOBE index of programming language popularity is depressing. PHP and Javascript rule the web, despite the consensus that they are horrible; Haskell and Smalltalk are relegated to academic prototyping, but unanimously praised for the conceptual purity. How technolgy adoption happens is a puzzling question. Evidences seem to suggest that what matters is to attract a … Continue reading Your Language is a Start-up

A Retrospective on Tangible Software: 2013-2023

The idea to write a research agenda as a retrospective in the past is stolen from here. This is an awesome technique to engage creative thinking. The intangible nature of software has seen long been recognized as an impediment to software development, making development an overly abstract and difficult task. This lack of tangibility poses problem … Continue reading A Retrospective on Tangible Software: 2013-2023