11 Reasons Why I Hate XML

... at least in Java. 1 – Namespace and import XML is only apparently simple. As soon as namespace are used, it immediately gets complicated.  What is the difference between targetNamespace=”…”, xmlns=”…” and xmlns:tns=”…” ? Can I declare several prefixes for the same namespace? Can I change the default namespace from within a document? What … Continue reading 11 Reasons Why I Hate XML


Glassfish mysteries #5: transaction recovery

Here are all posts of this serie on Glassfish. There is little information available on the web about Glassfish transaction recovery. Transaction recovery is indeed something that should be very rare. Some background Such a recovery is necessary only if a problem (typically a crash) occurs while the transaction manager is performing the 2-phase commit … Continue reading Glassfish mysteries #5: transaction recovery

Glassfish mysteries #4: IIOP

Here are all posts of this serie on Glassfish. This last post will be about considerations on usage of IIOP and Glassfish. IIOP is a standard, inter-operable protocol that every J2EE-compliant application server must support. In case of java-to-java communication, IIOP is sometimes a bit overhead and some application server supports alternative protocols in this … Continue reading Glassfish mysteries #4: IIOP

Glassfish mysteries #2: distributed transactions

Here are all posts of this serie on Glassfish. This second post about Glassfish mysteries will be about transaction management. There is indeed some strange behaviour when usage scenarios differ from traditional Web-EJB-JPA examples. Transaction is not rolled back Depending on the way you package your enterprise application, the annotation @ApplicationException(rollback=true) will not be considered. … Continue reading Glassfish mysteries #2: distributed transactions